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The best bikini place for extreme bikinis in fashion styles of Brazilian thong worn by sexy bikini models from around the world in the photos and pictures gallery. Brazilian wax is the best for sexy swimsuit models to show off g string type swimwear or no strings, sheer and see thru  made  crochet swimsuits on the topless hot models. Choose from mesh, micro, mini and g-string to wear at Bridgets sexiest beaches or topless beaches. See the hottest bikini models online and the travel channel competing in contest photos at the secret photo shoot. Travel Tips from Aruba.picture, malibu, g string, Swimwear, swim wear, designer bikini, beach wear, buy beachwear, buy swimwear, bikini shop.


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Sexy Bikinis and Swimsuits- Brazilian Bikini, String

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The hottest attractions on any beach are the new styles of extreme swimsuits that women are wearing on the warm sunny beaches locally and around the world. With so many choices of swimsuits and bikinis to choose from it is very difficult to select a bathing suit that’s right for you. Most women own more than one swimsuit or bikini, some old, some comfortable and maybe a new one.


Don’t feel left out if you don’t have the figure like a bikini swimsuit model as very few women have the perfect body to wear an extreme bikini and look good in it. There are many other styles of bikinis and swimsuits to choose from to fit every woman’s shape like; boy shorts, string bikinis, thongs, one piece swimsuit, 1pc halter, 2pc, tankini, bikini bottoms, exotic, micro bikini, mini, slingshot, Brazilian bikini, topless, no strings, teardrop and many designer variations of these styles.


Finally designers and makers of swimsuits have realized the fact that the “bikini contest model” type body is not the shape of the majority of women and designers are now making swimwear for women of all sizes including plus sizes. The old ugly styles and patterns for oversize women are a thing of the past and the new fashions can enhance your not so perfect body to look great and feel comfortable at the pools or beaches.

The thong or string bikini can look very sexy on the right body, as it is fully exposed in the back and sides. The most minimal is a no strings bikini which a patch of material adhered to the skin only in the intimate areas. It’s no secret that every woman’s dream is to look as good as a bikini model in a magazine or pin up calendar girl but you should realize that not everyone looks great wearing extreme bikinis.


 A tiny bikini isn’t always the sexiest. Depending on the style of swimsuit and woman wearing it, moderate skin exposure can be more seductive than seeing it all. If you have a great figure there will be more choices of swimsuits for you to choose from and many styles will look great on you.


 To look the best your body needs be toned and smooth all over requiring hair removal in the intimate areas by shaving, using removal creams or bikini waxing. The most common way is shaving with a razor which is ok but leaves stubbles, cuts and must be done often. Also popular is the cream type hair removal way which works well but sometimes irritates the sensitive skin in personal areas. Becoming more popular is Brazilian waxing which is similar to body waxing.


Petite or model type figured- you will have a vast selection of colors and patterns to choose from and you will look great in almost any extreme string bikini or exotic swimsuit you choose. Be bold and daring to make a personal statement sporting a new string or thong. Show yourself off with bright colors, textures and sleek patterns as you will turn the heads of many on the beaches.

Accessorize with a Silk Sarong or Cover-up. 



It is common to mix and match bottoms and tops as most are priced as separates.  .

A tankini can be a sexy choice for full size figures and plus size women.

Try on Bathing Suits, Swimsuits. If there is enough space in the try out room try walking, bending over, sitting down and getting up to see how the suit fits with your movements.

Planning a Vacation to a Tropical Island or Taking a Cruise? Choosing 2 pc  that are interchangeable will increase your wardrobe of things to wear. You will always have you favorite swimsuits, so pick suits that look great on you and make you feel confident no matter which one you wear.




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